Cultivate college students to know their professionalism

People’s Network Changsha November 15th Recently, "The Implementation Opinions of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government of Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as "Implementation Opinions", will be included in talents in talents Cultivate the whole process. Since study, Sany-term classroom will continue to cultivate the "big country craftsman" as a responsibility and mission, implement the spirit of "sweeping the road", and implement the 6S management system in the whole school to work with labor.

Proposition 6S labor education concept, stimulates the student labor awareness "6S health tools will open at 2 pm – 4pm, the return time is 7-8 points in the evening, please dedicate the responsible teacher to demonstrate the mission and guide …" Every Monday The 7th, 8th classes, the three-class faculty group will appear on time. So, the students appeared under the school’s districts under the leadership of the teachers, holding a sweep, trash can and other tools to carefully carry out 6s practices.

As a school-owned school, the Sany-Class Hospital will fully integrate the corporate culture into the campus, introduce modern enterprises "6S" (finishing, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, safety, literacy) management concept, in teaching, training, life The 上海闵行水磨按摩工作室 place is fully implemented, and students have cultivated students as the behavioral habits of professional workers. It aims to combine professional labor knowledge skills teaching and professional practice teaching, further stimulate students’ professional identity and labor pride, cultivate courage to explore, and strive , Pursuing excellent craftsmen. "6S management although it is an enterprise management method, there are many incisions for our engineering vocational colleges. In the process of introducing 6S management into teaching and management, not only allow students to master the operational norms, but also help students are good. Occupational quality, cultivate ‘craftsman’.

"Vice President He Liang further explained the road, the spirit of the craftsman is essentially a labor spirit.

上海乌克兰外菜 Drying the standard 6S responsibility to dry, strengthen the act of known as the best in the application of three-first-class professionalists pay attention to labor education, highlight the important position of labor education, and incorporate labor education into the school’s important agenda, including the labor curriculum into talent training program and teaching plan. The school guarantees the number of labor courses to open the 6S courses per week.

At the same time, labor quality is included in the students’ comprehensive quality evaluation system. Objectively recording students’ labor processes and results, strengthening the comprehensive assessment and assessment of actual labor skills and values. Establish a publicity, audit system, and use labor literacy as an important reference or basis for students 爱上海龙凤同城论坛 to evaluate the priority. "Sweeping Road" Benefits – Students of the Engineering Machinery School Students Zhang Jin to everyone to share learning and practice "sweeping the road" for 4 years, and combines the spirit of "sweeping the road" with its own practice in the way.

"The sweeping road has started to change my thinking and behavior habits, followed by changing the living environment, learning the environment, campus environment, and finally formed the second productive forces I learned." It is understood that Zhang Jin entered the three jobs in 2017. Made in the hospital, the original learning, life habits are not very good, after 6S labor practice, it is improving, especially in learning.

In 2021, he also developed the project "Trike Bunch Intelligent Test Platform" with our companions, and won the National Third Prize in China International Internet + Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition, Hunan Provincial Division Gold Award, and set the best competition since the school. Practice the spirit of "sweeping the road", cultivate safety professional literacy professional safety literacy is an important part of the students’ live education, and the Sany-Class Hospital will raise professional safety in the school’s educational value and fully reflect the mission of education. It is understood that 6S is not only clean, cleaning, cleaning, and the principles followed by schools in the implementation of 6S activities are "safe, convenient, simple, beautiful", safety, so in implementation, in the placement of items First, I first follow the principle of "safety first", how to safety, how to make a good sign reminder, it emphasizes the importance of "six must", emphasizes the importance of equipment security, emphasizing the safety finishing and identification of power cord Wait, this is further attaching and improving security work. At the same time, the school also uses occupational safety education as a systematic engineering, penetrating the whole process of education teaching.

Including teachers who choose to have professional safety literacy; adjust the teaching materials to write ideas and set up occupational safety education modules. Labor is the only way to success in life, and it is the source of all values. The Sany-Class Academy fully combines labor education with moral education, intelligence, sports, and beauty education. Plays the function of labor education. In the labor, improve the comprehensive quality, in order to promote the comprehensive development of students and become a "big country craftsman".

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