2nd China International Import Expo

Question: Working together to cooperate, write open new articles – write in China, the second China International Import Expo is successfully closed, China will not stop in China, will join hands with the world, together, together, together to people Beautiful tomorrow of the Destiny Community. The 2nd China International Import Expo has triggered a high concern from countries around the world. According to statistics, more than 3,000 companies in more than 150 countries and regions participated in the event, 上海外卖服务自带工作室靠谱 exhibiting the country, the number of companies and the exhibition area of ??the exhibition area exceeded the first session. In the case of the attraction of overseas companies, it has become an important platform for international trade for countries, and China is also marking China ‘s "World Factory" to "World Market". "The Chinese market is so big, welcome everyone to see". Buying all over the world, the promotion of trade upgrades, consumption upgrades, a rich "enormous outcome" indicates that the Expo is not only the general meeting of the goods, but also the big platform embodied in the people’s livelihood. Consumption guided production, production to drive people’s livelihood, alongside such a forward track, is a real map of the development results and all people.

"The Chinese 上海自带工作室女 market is so big, you are welcome to come and see.

"President Xi Jinping sent from the world to the world’s alliance invitation to enter the world.

In the main point of speech, President Xi Jinping puts forward "3 to build" "5 continue", so that the color of "open cooperation" is more sufficient, so that the beautiful vision of "sharing future" is closer to us. The applause is interspersed, and the whole guests have a common voice of sharing Chinese opportunities, insisting on opening a win-win situation, is the best interpretation of China’s development. The applause reflects that the guest share China’s opportunity and promotes the heart of common development.

French President Marcong highly evaluates China’s choice and insistence on "Open". He 上海工作室品茶论坛 said that he must adhere to economic globalization, open is also profound choice in Europe.