185 teams carrying high-precision projects to participate in the Shanxi finals

  Original title: July 14 The 185 teams fiercely compete 24, and 5 projects should be recommended to participate in the national finals.

  The number of registrations registered in this competition last year, there were more than 800 project registration and continued to lead the country.

The quality of the competition has further improved, new products, new technologies, new technologies, new model projects, excavate and cultivate a group of "double creation" 上海浦东水磨桑拿会所 excellent projects and excellent enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises in our province, promote SMEs Collaborative innovation and development. This competition attracted many young people with innovative entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

"I am very grateful to the government and ‘Chuangke China’ to provide this opportunity for college students, and I hope that more college students can participate.

"A team of contestants who was studying university. Li Lanlan said. The project she brought is" Safe "app, dedicated to helping the students to manage the school, and make sense.

At the same time, there are also many projects focusing on the new consumer demand, such as the "Huihu Intelligent Chinese Medicine" project, by collecting the body information of the collector, and evaluated its health status and gives the corresponding conditioning recommendations. "Precision detection, precise suggestions and conditioning is the biggest feature of our products.

"Mr. Wang, the leader of the project. It is worth mentioning that this contest has set a poverty alleviation group, combined with double creation and poverty alleviation, including 10 projects into the finals of the day. These projects have driven local poor people. Employment income, driving the development of the local estate industry will play a major promotion effect. After the competition, the 24 outstanding projects selection will conduct specialized training counseling, and participate in the company for the company and 2019 "Yucai China". SMEs Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition. Feng Zhan, deputy director of the Provincial Small Enterprise Development Promotion Administration, said, "We will also organize competition projects for financing, technology, land, talents, industries and other docking service activities, helping the project to land as soon as possible.

"Close-up of 58 poverty-stricken counties, hundreds of projects, poverty alleviation competitions, the biggest highlight of this game is to combine innovation and poverty alleviation, and the contest has set up a poverty alleviation group, and hundreds of projects in 58 poverty-stricken counties in Shanxi Province. Out, carry out separate groups, alone, of which 10 excellent projects entered the finals. At the scene, Cao Juanjuan, general manager of Tiger Folk Culture Communication Co., Ltd. accepted the interview with Journalists in Shanxi Evening News, she brought the project It is "the inheritance and development of the non-legacy". General Tiger is the folk handicrafts of the revolutionary old area of ??Jinzhong City, and people also call it a tiger. Taken a military tiger to commemorate the General Zhujun. Shanxi Evening News reporter saw that the company made the company, the embroidery is exquisite, the needle is delicate, the color is beautiful, and the people are very catching attention.

  "We are pure manual projects, need to manually seam, will help rural 上海品茶场所 women to employ, more than 800 women last year helped us to process parts and products, and this year is already more than 1,000 rural women participation, their annual income is now Already nearly 10,000 yuan.

"Cao Juan said, the sale of the soldiers’ handicrafts is underline, which will not only drive the entrepreneur to enter the entrepreneurial path, but also lead more rural women in local employment." The game is just a process of display, more important It is the end of the competition to carry out financing pairs to all the two-way projects participating in the registration, to poverty, diagnose, to solve their problems around their needs, so that these projects can be effective soon.

Wang Yea, the Director of the Provincial Department of Development and Promotion Bureau, said that they 上海外卖工作室微信 will conduct special services in every poverty-stricken county, hoping to bring motivation to the industrial development of the poor area to help people with more poor areas. Realize income.

(Reporter Guo Yanjie intern Wang Kunjie Jiques).