Concentricity to a new journey

  General Secretary Xi Jinping worried to Tibet and went to Tibet’s villagers.

On the way, touch the scenery.

"We have witnessed the beautiful and magnificent style of the snowy plateau, and I am happy!" At the 70th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Tibet, let the people of Tibet are warm, neutrality Exciting, encouragement.

The people of all nationalities said that we will be more closely united around the party center of Xi Jinping as the core, profoundly understand the important instruction spirit of the important instructions of General Secrets in the Tibetan Tibet, and adhere to the "three given, one is conducive to", based The new development stage, complete, accurate, fully implement new development concept, service and integration into the new development pattern, correctly handle the relationship between advantages and complement short board, coordinate development and safety, focus on the main business, conceived Efforts, go out of a road that meets the actual high quality development of Tibet. Two strands of rings together, "promoting the high quality development of Tibet, to adhere to all developments must give national unity and progress, must give us a sense of people’s livelihood, condense the sense of people, and help to improve the people of all ethnic groups Happy sense of security.

"General Secretary’s Guard, the word thousands of words.

  On the 24th, the Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission held a party group to expand the meeting, earnestly studying the importance of General Secretary Xi Jinping in Tibet Investigation.

"We must unswervingly understand the spirit of the important speech of the General Secretary, based on the actual situation of the national development reform, accurately grasp the stage characteristics of Tibet work, and take advantage of the party’s ability to serve the people, Promote development.

Tightly seize the opportunity of Sichuan Tibet Railway Construction, clean energy accelerated development, and promote the consolidation of expanding the effectiveness of the renewal of the poverty to promote the effective connection of rural revitalization, comprehensively promote the construction of a major infrastructure, public service facilities, so that the organization is longer, Happiness road is wider, so that the masses are more embarrassed, and the happiness is more sustainable, and the sense of security is more secure.

At the same time, it will take the initiative to break the problem, Yang, and promote high-quality development, focus on building a new pattern of the development of the development of two and three districts in one core, actively docking the national strategy, big landscape, big market, active integration and services The large circulation is the main body, the new development pattern of domestic and international dual cycles, struggling to write a new chapter in the long and high quality development of the snowy plateau. Tian Guanghua, deputy director of the District Development and Reform Commission.

  "As the grassroots cadre, I will work hard with the people of the township cadres, continue to do a good job in industrial income, so that the people in the hometown are constantly enhanced.

"The Secretary of the Party Committee Secretary under Nie Rong County, Niku City, said. In recent years, the lower rural will have to increase the income of the masses as the core goal, and strive to 上海十二大kb名店 build a rich industry based on animal husbandry industries, transfer employment and ecological environment. The people and rich and beautiful and beautiful, the blue sky is good. This year, the whole township animal husbandry cooperative has achieved a divorce of 40,000 yuan, the remaining labor transfer employment is 590 people, realizing the labor income million, coupled with ecological protection policies The divier, the people’s per capita revenue can reach 9360 yuan, which has grown in previous years and the living standards have been continuously improved.

  "General Secretary talks about the road to go out of a high-quality development path in the inspection, we will implement it unswervingly.

Yang Qiang, director of sales director of Naqua Baqing Qizhen Industrial Co., Ltd., said that Bayan Qizhen Industrial Co., Ltd. has established 27 local 上海浦东新区便宜妹子 employment since November 2019, and the local high-quality resource products are absorbed directly. The local farmers and herdsmen have more than 6 million yuan. The first time of the first time in Jiangyu County, Shigati City, the first time, Baban, Huang Hongmei, Barton, Tian Qi, etc., as the grassroots party member cadres, will always remember the front of the government. " The people "" two words, firmly establish "the people of the people", to promote high-quality development as the theme, increase the income of agricultural herdsmen and improve the people’s production and living conditions as a job, unconfilter Implementing all Leimin Huimin policies, put more funds to the field of people’s livelihood, and fully upgrade the people’s livelihood, constantly enhance the happiness index of the masses, and effectively go out of the actual 上海闵行北桥小巷子 high-quality development road in Tibet, and constantly enhance the masses. I am happy with the sense of security. Putong people and successful entrepreneurial enthusiasm is more complete, and General Secretary, General Secretary, pointed out that it is necessary to promote weaknesses, uniform, deepen reform and opening up, speed up railway, roads and other major infrastructure construction.

  Traffic is not only the first official of economic development, but also the happiness line of the people. Since the peaceful liberation, Tibet has gradually established a comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network covering a variety of transportation methods such as roads, railways, aviation and pipelines. Today, Tibet is built in village village village road and road-traffic mileage reached 10,000 kilometers, townships, and the construction of the construction village is 94%, 76% respectively.

The party secretary of the Autonomous Region Transportation Department, deputy hall, Changda Wa, said: "Before the end of this year, we plan to solve the 55-built village hardening road ‘last kilometer’ problem.

During ’14th Fiveth’, struggling to achieve 100% of townships and 88% of the building in the whole district, so that more townships, build village passengers, and continuously enhance the sense of happiness in our district. Wang Yang, the staff of the Changdu Highway Branch of the Autonomous Region, said that the spirit of Tibet, the implementation of the general secretary, is to focus on the main business of the responsible, based on the actual actions of road maintenance, and integrate personal dreams into the actual action of transportation Huimin. Building more united lines, happiness road "is the goal, and we will continue to inherit the spiritual heritage of the older generation revolutionary, insist on carry forward the" old Tibet spirit "and" two "spirit, and actively respond to the risk challenge facing the work, and do a good job in road maintenance. Every detail of work, contribute to the high quality development of Tibet.

  The industrial prosperity rural rescue, the head of Xi Jinping, General Secretary Xi Jinping, pointed out that it is necessary to develop a specialty industry, accelerate the construction of national clean energy bases, coordinate development and safety, and go out of a high-quality development road that meets the actual high quality development in Tibet. For all, the business work Unicom inside and outside, through the urban and rural, the production and sales, and it is important to build a new development pattern.

In the face of new tasks in the new situation, Tibet is more need to play a support of economic high quality development than ever.

Zhang Chenghua, a member of the Party Group of the Autonomous Region, and Deputy Director, said: "We will profoundly understand the important instructions of General Secretary on the Establishment of Importance Guarantees and Improve Minsheng, and grasp the improvement of people’s livelihood, condense this starting point and the foothold, complete and accurate and comprehensive implementation of new development Concept, service and integration into the new development pattern, in order to promote business contributions in high quality development in Tibet.

"General Secretary on Accelerating the Important Indication of Building a National Clean Energy Base, let us all the Huadi people feel excited. Jiang Xiaoming, Party Party Committee and Executive Director of Huabi Tibet, excitedly.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the party and the peaceful liberation of Tibet, Huadian promoted the two units of Tibet in Jianzang, in May this year, in July, put production power generation, injecting powerful clean electric energy for Tibetan high quality development. "Huadian will be guided by the general secretary of the important speech, coordinating the development and safety, focusing stability, development, ecology, strong side, and increases the development of clean energy in Tibet hydropower, scenery, etc., in key area layout construction water scenery More than the integrated base, in the development of clean energy development, effectively protect the ecology, promote the revitalization of the country, promote the consolidation of national unity and the frontier, and accelerate the construction of national clean energy bases in Tibet, realize carbon-up carbon in carbon-backed carbon in the country. Acting as a duties of electricity central enterprises. "Jiang Xiaoming said. In recent years, Lhasa City has vigorously promoted the high-quality development. As a Liu Wuxi, one of the deputy center of Lhasa City, the rapid development of the South of Lhasa, has achieved a series of fruitful results. It is a new landmark for the economic and social development of Lhasa. It is a Tibet Economic element. One of the most active areas.

Tan Zhenlin, the staff of the Missionary Office of the Lhasa High-tech Zone (Liu Yuko District), said the high-quality development of Liu Wuxin District, benefited from the leadership of the Communist Party of China, benefited from the scientific guidelines of China ‘s characteristic socialist thinking.

"The General Secretary has traveled in Tibet’s investigation and investigation, and I am deeply encouraged.

We must keep in mind the general secretary, and have a hard work, and don’t work, and transform the attention of General Secretary into powerful development. "(Reporter Li Meiying Wang Fei Yuan Haixia Xie Wei Chen Lin Zhou Tingting Wan Jing Zhang Bin Liu Shiyu) (Editor: Tieren Luo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.