Going to the Mainland to upgrade the portrait of the Harbor, the Ying Ying Review Funding Plan will be open to apply

People’s Network Hong Kong, August 4th, the Hong Kong SAR Government Education Bureau announced today that the 2017-18 school year-on-life development funding plan will add new HK $ 5,000 to HK $ 5,000. Hong Kong students who have a bachelor’s degree in the designated mainland college and eligible Hong Kong students can be submitted to date until January 3. The SAR Government Education Bureau said that the invasive review funded aims to improve the original funding plan to help go to the Mainland to go to the Mainland 上海魔都夜生活 and receive the "332" results in the Hong Kong Middle School Diploma, and upgrade the Overseas Chinese University Advanced graduates of the connection degree course.

The funding program was launched in July 2014, funding Hong Kong students in the way of incurring reviews, a bachelor’s degree program in the designated mainland college.

It is understood that the plan has reached 156 in the mainland colleges of the 2017-18 school year. Under the new measures, through the income-reviewed student through the income review, half of the $ 7500 of HK $ 7500 is all funded by Hong Kong dollars; and students who meet the transfer review 阿拉爱上海后花园 funding are funded each year, two of the $ 5,000 payment, two Funding methods cannot be applied at the same time. (雨 实 习 王安)) (Editor: Lin Tingting (intern), Yuan Bo) share more people to see.