Central Society and China Ping An Joint Released "Xinhua CN

According to reports, the "Xinhua CN-ESG evaluation system" is committed to building a Chinese special ESG system based on the local, engaged international, 上海闵行区419会所电话 providing integrated applications for ESG wind control, model construction, and portfolio management.

On the basis of the system of ESG-related compliance disclosure standards at home and abroad, focus on the core issues of Chinese enterprises, according to domestic regulatory requirements and localization and adaptation in the stage of economic development. The evaluation system integrates more than 10 subjects, more than 130 basic indicators, 350 data points, and more than 40 industries risk and opportunity matrix indicators, while meeting the needs of domestic and international. Deep use NLP, related technical analysis, machine learning, remote sensing satellite, etc., data collection, supplementation and cross-verification, AI intelligent evaluation, etc. The index score is all intelligent, avoiding people for subjective differences, weight setting combined with market recall, real-time intelligent public opinion monitoring, dynamically publishing enterprises ESG score. As one of the largest, large-scale, service sectors, the most 上海东皇娱乐会所 comprehensive economic information service organization, China’s economic information society is committed to the ESG evaluation system’s localization research, continuously accumulating professional advantages, providing ESG evaluation report for large enterprises and listed companies , Information disclosure report, industry research report, and ESG panoramic release. As a responsible integrated financial services group, China Ping An Group took the lead in signing the principles of the United Nations investment in the United Nations investment initiative, promoting the sustainable development of financial power society and the environment.

Relying on the two engines of "Financial + Technology", China Ping An also helps ESG intelligent application in multi-financial scenes. It is reported that the future of China 嘉定品茶spa and Secondary Society and China will have strategic cooperation in ESG data platform, enterprise evaluation report and consultation, financial index, product development, etc. to help China’s high-quality development.

China Fortune Summit is an important part of 2020 Chinese Enterprise Boao Forum. The theme is "Capital · Brand · Information", which is jointly hosted by China Wealth Media Group, China Economic Information Society and Xinhuanet.

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