Beijing 上海qm逍遥 Fengtai Construction Capital Commercial Consumption New High Land Eighth Action Promotes the Construction of Urban Cultivation of International Consumer Center

People’s Network Beijing September 6 (Reporter Bao Cong) September 5, at the 2021 China International Service Trade Fair, Beijing International Consumer Center City Forum was held in Shougang Park. Beijing will lead new supply in new consumption, open up new 松江大学城后街怎么耍 business opportunities in new services, and open new journey of construction international consumer center.

The reporter learned from Fengtai District that Fengtai will focus on key areas such as Lize and South Central, close to key projects such as floral digital economic industrial park, traditional business district shopping malls, and promote consumer brand matrices, digital consumption innovation leads, Eight actions such as the release of Wenbao consumption potential and promoted the construction of the urban cultivation of international consumer center. As a key service enterprise, the city construction of the international consumer center, Beijing is worth buying Technology Co., Ltd., which is located in the digital service area of ??the first steel park of the service and military park, with a variety of forms such as graphic, video, interaction, and live experience. The new strategic layout for digital economic era, vividly presents how it is based on its own content, service and data capabilities.

It is worth buying technology to promote the key service enterprises in the urban construction of the International Consumer Center. It is an "e-commerce demonstration enterprise" and "digital business enterprises" recognized by the Ministry of Commerce.

It is worth buying technology in the "2021 Industry Consumption Trend Report", in the video form, panoramic style depicting "home appliances, home, digital, food, maternal and child, health service, sports fitness, skin care makeup" and other eight industries The new trend of the latest consumption in the era of epidemic is designed to provide reference and assistance for the development of the industry.

It is worth buying the digital creative marketing service platform based on live economy, based on the digital creative marketing service platform of live economic economy, and has been selected for the Typical case of the Chinese Service Trade Union Commerce’s Industry Innovation Service. At the same time, it is worth buying the "New Consumer Forum" of the Service Warcasque "to do the" pirated en functioning new consumption ".