Specialtects: A variety of new crowned medicines have been made to develop the anti-disease still need "combination!"

  Xinhua News Agency, November 14th, electronic special purposes: a variety of new crowned medicines have been developed to develop the anti-disease still need "combination of boxing" Xinhua News Agency reporter Peng Shi Ma Xiaocheng Xu Hongyi recently, the world’s large new crown drug research and development has made progress, bringing new hopes to the anti-disease .

Experts pointed out that the vaccine and drugs are complementary "combined punches" relationship, and the future anti-vision "attack" is inseparable from prevention and control measures, vaccines and therapeutic drugs.

  A variety of oral medicines have been made on the 4th of this month. The world’s first anti-new crown taking medicine – Monabii, the United States, United States, United Relky Biomotics, United R & D, was taken to the British Drug and Health Products Authority Used to treat a specific new crown patient. According to the mid-term analysis of the III clinical trials released by Merck October, the drug can reduce the inpatient / death risks of the neoguan patients in patients, and the variant new crown virus Delta, gamma and poison Display consistent efficacy. Monabirave is actually "new use of old drugs", and its R & D can be traced back to 2014, which is found when screening against anti-committees of the anti-committee Masonic virus drug. Secretary Liu Xubi, director of China Southern Medical University, Director Liu Xiuyu, director of the Department of Pharmacology, China, introduced that new crown viruses is a RNA (ribonucleic acid) virus, Monabi Virve can "adulterate" in the new crown virus genome, and induce incorrect mutation Destroy genome replication, thereby inhibiting viral propagation.

  After the Namina Bravel was approved, US Pfizer announced the latest data of oral anti-viral drug Paxlovid in the United States. Interim analysis of the interim analysis of II / III clinical trials showed that oral administration reduced 89% of hospitalization and death risk. The drug consists of small molecular drug PF-07321332 and ritonavir. The former is an inhibitor for new crown virus main proteins, and ritonavir is an antiviral drug synergist, which was previously used for anti-AIV viruses.

  Another oral medicine for "new drug use" is also concerned. The British "Willow Knife Global Health" published a research report from Brazil on October 25, saying that antidepressant fluorofluofvola can significantly reduce the severe / death risks of new crown patients.

New crown early patients after taking drugs, the risk of death can be reduced by about 90%, and the risk of severe hospitalization can be reduced by about 65%.

British "Natural" magazine reported that fluorofluoforming can inhibit immune responses and relieve tissue damage, while the inflammatory factors caused by excessive reactions caused by immune systems are an important factor in neutralization and death. Advantages and Risks How to Watch the Director of the Global Health Drug R & D Center, Ding Sheng, Dean of Tsinghua University School of Pharmacy, told reporters that in large-scale promotion, small molecules oral drugs are more advantages: convenient for early medication; low synthetic cost, can be stored at room temperature, easy to develop Chinese procurement use; quick use for high-risk people such as adhesives to help mild patients quickly control the condition.

  Vikas Sousse, USA, University of Emery, believes that fluorovs Sandming treatment new crown is a major victory of "old medicine", which can be used for non-vaccination or unable to accept monoclonal antibody treatment, and deteriorate the risk High patient. Another advantage of fluorovshaming is that there is low price, and 10 days is only 4 US dollars. The medicine patent has also expired. It is convenient for production. Once approved will have a lot of non-developed countries and regions.

  Several new crowned medicines have been highlighted, but their risks are also worthy of attention. First, these drugs III clinical trials are not large, and the data disclosure is limited, but also to observe safety and effectiveness through long-term, wide range of use.

  Among them, the mechanism of action of Monabilave is RNA replication of new crown viruses, and scientists are worried that it may have an effect on the human DNA (DNA) or RNA. Shuwen, said that Monabirave as a nuclear type "induced mutation", which may cause genetic mutation of normal cells in the body, and do not exclude the risk of carcinogenic mutation. Second, new crown viruses may also produce mutations for drugs, thereby resistance.

For the problem of drug resistance, Liu Shan, professor, Ohio State University Virology, said that the solution is the joint medication, which is "cocktail therapy". The anti-hypide still needs "combination of boxing" to see that the new crowned medication does not use the vaccination. Many experts pointed out that this is a dangerous misunderstanding.

Whether it is infection or reduced severe and disease, the effect of vaccine is unsubstably.

In the British government website, it is specifically pointed out when the Navami is approved. It cannot be used as a "alternative" of new crown vaccine. "Therapeutic drugs and vaccines are not conflict and opposite, but complementary." Ding Sheng said. Chen Ling, a special researcher in Guangzhou Biomedical and Health Research Institute, pointed out that vaccine and drugs are complementary "combined punch" relationship: the vaccine is not all people can inoculate, the protection effect and persistence is not very clear; a part of the innate immunization is poor The vaccination of vaccination is not good. The drug can protect these people; with vaccine protection, people who ultimately need medication will have a lot less, even if the drug has certain side effects, from a percentage, the absolute number will not be large; if it can develop More effective, protecting more persistent vaccines, the use of drugs will be reduced. The epidemic is far from being completed, and the Future of the anti-optic "attack" is inseparable from prevention and control measures, vaccines and therapeutic drugs. Wang Liming, a professor of the School of Life Sciences, Zhejiang University, said that new crown treatment drugs plus effective vaccines, which undoubtedly has great value for public policies to formulate and revisit new crown prevention and control.

  Chen Ling also believes that from the long run, the emergence of oral medicines has indeed injected the world into the "strong intention". "After the drug cooperation, the pace of the world will be accelerated".