Shuangyashan: Wipite people’s livelihood guarantee network service people have "temperature"

Focus on "one old and a small", do a good job of people’s livelihood, and improve the satisfaction of the masses. In the party history of party history, Shuangyashan City combined with "I do practical things for the masses", focusing on "an old and a small" service guarantee, surrounding "the old people to raise, weak help, young, learning Teaching, sick, children’s protection, comprehensively improve the old-age, preschool education, left-behind children love the level of supply level and service, and continue to wore the people’s livelihood to ensure the foundation of the people. Do a good job in the basic people’s livelihood, and ensure that "the old people are raised" "weak help".

Continue to increase infrastructure investment such as pension, education, and continuously improve the basic public service guarantee capability of "an old one small". Shuangyashan City incorporates community pension service into urban public service facilities system, new construction of 9 home and community pension service center, to achieve 75% of the city street-level integrated home and community public pension service facilities; actively explore pension institutions and medical The medical rehabilitation of institutions and community health service stations, actively coordinates the city Chinese medicine practitioners, explores the development of Chinese medicine and rehabilitation wards to the second welfare home, realizing medical and integration.

Actively expand the short-term management, daytime, family bed, etc. of public pension, increased 60 bedtime cuisine; established the city, county, township (street), village three-level management, four-level participation to help rescue dynamics Monitoring mechanism and active discovery mechanism, to follow up and follow up and follow the cause of illness due to illness and loss of action; in four consecutive years, urban and rural low-end insurance special rectification actions, the elderly, disabled, etc. People are timely incorporate into low-balance rescue categories.

183 elderly people and 90 displacement elders in the city enjoy all national help policies.

The Municipal Women’s Federation has launched "buds", enter the village, enter the campus, enter the family to visit the condolences left, difficult children, donate learning supplies, 10,000, and create a good study and living environment for dilemma growth.

Respond to social concerns, ensuring "young education", "learning to teach".

Touching the masses reflect the strong educational field highlight problems and short plate weakness, insist on attacking, ensuring practical chapters for the masses, see effectiveness.

Remediation of the "black class black school" of the school, establishing the linkage mechanism of relevant departments of education, public security, market supervision, and food and drug supervision, forming four school training institutions to rectify, education "three chaos" governance inspection team, training for urban school training The agency conducts a comprehensive investigation, and implements the black and white list system to establish a long-term mechanism of the secret of the secret. Introduce 672 foreign training institutions, including 340 White list, incorporating the blacklist 128, all published in government websites, completely eliminate unlicensed and unlicensed non-qualified institutions; for the problem of entering the park in high quality kindergarten, in strong support, standardization While leading to the development of quality private park, we adhere to the overall planning, step-by-step implementation principles, and actively promote the construction of the third experimental kindergartens in Raohe County, and further expand the scale of the public park and the number of young children. Pre-quality education resources; the city’s primary and secondary schools make full use of existing resources, play the biggest utility, and provide students with a colorful class.

In the city, 132 post-class service schools have carried out 88% of service rate after class. After class service work has been widely welcomed by the parents of the students, and students have fun in the after-school service. Guard the health barrier to ensure that "the disease has a doctor".

Focus on the hotspots of health services, difficult problems, take out hard tricks, solve "an old" health problem.

Shuangyashan City launched the "Implementation Plan for" Convenient Service Measures "on the Implementation of Medical Helping and Warm Heart, Optimization Online Treatment Service, advancement of day-service, daytime chemotherapy, etc., and improves the city’s elderly People have a good service level; promote the quality management of single diseases in the city medical institution, promote reasonable inspections, improve the efficiency of medical resources; re-filed the national medical institutions of the city, strengthen rational medication indicators monitoring, and do Benefits, review, review, regulate the medical treatment of doctors, improve the reasonable drug level, to reduce the burden of medical costs for the elderly; solidly promote the construction of children’s service system and rescue protection mechanism, woven the woven children care for the network, the Civil Affairs Bureau Lonely Children’s organization implements the "Tomorrow Plan", free medical examination for orphans and facts, and conduct medical assistance in patients with sick children. (Reporter Li Yingying Yang Jun) (Editor: Li Jiahui, Wang Yan) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.