The Supreme People’s Procuratorate Party Committee held a psychological counselor

In order to implement the requirements of party history, the "Procuratorates for Procuratorate" and concerns about the work of care cadres, the party committee of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate recently held a special lecture on "Maintenance of physical and mental health, scientific management", to the cadres and staff science Mental health knowledge.

Experts from the Master Health Advisory Center of Beijing Normal University, the Mental Health Counseling Center of the Central and State Administration, "understanding the psychological health, decoding the psychological mystery" "understanding the pressure of the pressure, the alarm signal" "learning management method, mastering the strategy" is carried out three aspects Explain, teach the valuable experience in handling working pressure, interpersonal relationship, family relationship, parent-child education, etc. In order to make the lecture more targeted, the Party Committee of the Organization has collected issues that need the teacher’s live answers to the cadres’ workers. Everyone is universally concerned about answering in the process of lecture.

Everyone has said that the psychological counseling lectures are not hosted in a regular basis. Education guides you to correctly understand the pressure, scientific management, help to cultivate your own optimism, open-mind, and tolerance, to treat yourself, others and society more healthy The mentality is put into work and life. (Source: Supreme People’s Procuratorate Party Party Committee) (Editor: Jia Zejuan, Zhang Tao Ying).