To support the grandchildren to buy a house in Hangzhou old house became houseless families can not live a decent and comfortable old age?

In order to grandchildren married, 89-year-old man to sell only housing old Hangzhou became houseless families have no house can not live a comfortable and decent old age? Zheng Dabo orange persimmon readers to train message: I am very concerned about the pension issue, I hope that is the most pressing government to build more public housing, I am 89 years old, children are also not easy, do not know can not rent public housing. Zheng Dabo 89 years old this year, his wife of 82 years, the couple are good body, ears and sing eyes do not spend, enough gas speech, articulate. Zheng Dabo quite proud of this, good health is the greatest happiness, I thought that the quality of old age.

Zheng Dabo is the old foundation of Hangzhou, in gongchenqiao he lived 70 years, originally a machinery factory worker who has a child and a daughter, a grandson, a grandson.

Seeing grandson over 30 years old not married, Zheng Dabo anxious heart, in order to support grandchildren get married to buy a house in 2012, the old couple sold their house. In Hangzhou Zheng Dabo lived his life, when 80-year-old became no housing. After that, an old married couple take turns living in the children home, supposedly, and children living together, enjoying their later years is a happy thing, but a long time, Zheng Dabo feel and some children living habits to accommodate each other, he and his wife are all well or you want to move out to live, have their own living space, can be considered to improve the quality of life in old age. Zheng Dabo and his wife retired wages add up to more than 9000 yuan per month, no house, how can live comfortably in Hangzhou on decent old age if you can apply for public rental? Yes, but security object to line up public rental housing, including Hangzhou (excluding Xiaoshan District, Yuhang District, Linping District, Fuyang District, Lin’an zone) qualified urban middle-income housing in the range of needy families, new employment of college students and entrepreneurs. Income housing for needy families to apply under the urban middle-public rental housing must meet the following conditions: 1. The applicant has a permanent residence downtown five years (or more).

2. The application for family annual per capita disposable income of less than 66,068 yuan.

3. An application for family in urban areas, Xiaoshan District, Yuhang District Linping area and no room.

Zheng Dabo Hangzhou accounts, lived for decades, to meet the conditions of 1; Zheng Dabo and his wife a monthly income of 9000 yuan, the two annual per capita disposable income of about million, to meet the condition 2; an old married couple no room, 3 satisfy the condition; therefore Zheng Dabo and his wife eligible to apply for public rental.

However, the current Hangzhou Shiwupeizu availability tension, many applicants still waiting Yaohao, so Zheng Dabo first-come, etc. Shiwupeizu, and other listings this is a long time. Live in nursing homes require much money to spend? Pension institutions have public and private, have the advantage of room and board care, but to obey the regime governing body. Nursing home prices are not the same, such as between a standard social welfare center in Hangzhou, this bed Feijia Ji care, meals together, two people almost 5500 yuan per month look.

Zheng Dabo old married couple to 9000 yuan monthly income can be paid, but the welfare center to wait in line, it is recommended to 90-year-old Zheng Dabo registration queue, you can enjoy priority policy. In addition, the main city of Hangzhou a number of private pension institutions in the price range per capita 2,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan, Zheng Dabo and his wife’s income in order to basically be able to pay.

Renting pension feasible? Hangzhou no room for the elderly, perhaps renting is another old-age pension mode. The elderly choose to rent pension, a distance considered children close, two from the hospital, markets, parks close, convenient transportation, the elevator downstairs.

Zheng Dabo and his wife can consider his son, rent an apartment near her home, so both their own space, and easy to take care of his family.

Two-Room suites with kitchen in tangqi monthly rent of almost two to three thousand; near gongchenqiao almost 3000 yuan started. Plus utilities food, Zheng Dabo pension enough. But Zheng Dabo encountered on some practical difficulties in renting pension age so big, the body too much running room showings, many landlords worry about accidentally, do not bother to rent the elderly.

Children come forward to help rent, Zheng Dabo and felt bad opening.

In fact, if you can overcome the difficulties mentioned above, for a body good life can take care of themselves no room for the elderly, retirement may be able to rent greatly improve quality of life. Zheng Dabo also said that he lived in gongchenqiao 70 years, familiar environment, where renters are most comfortable.

Some seniors also own a house from the hospital, farms relatively far there is no elevator or life convenient, they can also change their ideas, consider renting pension mode, and rented out his house with the rent (may have to make up the point difference) to live rent lots more complete supporting facilities, but also to improve the quality of retirement life.

(Reporter Liu Kang).