Taiwan experts and scholars have disclosed that the Ministry of Democratic Party is "unique" provocative statement

  Xinhua News Agency, November 4, on November 4, the Straits Cross-strait Relations Research Center held a symposium on standing experts in Beijing, from the Taiwan Institute of Social Sciences and Modern History, National Taiwan, National Taiwan Research Association, China Experts scholars from Renmin University, Beijing Joint University, International Relations, Xiamen University, etc. Introduce the recent series of state-of-the-art series of statements, exposing the political essence and serious harm of "unique" provocative, calling on cross-strand compatriots to oppose and contain " Taiwan independence. The experts and scholars believe that Cai Yingwen is in the so-called "Double Ten" speech, throwing "four persistence", the core is the so-called cross-strait "mutual affiliation", essence is to split Taiwan from China, let Taiwan completely China finally reached the goal of achieving "Taiwan independence".

This argument is to combine Chen Shui-bian’s "one side", Li Tenghui’s "Special Country and State Relations" and the Democratic Gate’s "Taiwan’s future resolution", is naked to sell "two countries", serious Violation of the history, legal and reality of cross-strait relations, attempted to change the status quo of Taiwan Sea, and take a danger of danger on the road to "unique" road. Expertists pointed out that Cai Yingwen recently received the so-called "democracy" again on the one hand, on the one hand, once again advertised the justice of the "Taiwan independence", and threatened to develop Taiwan. The military’s fight against the mainland, but also confirmed the "American soldiers in Taiwan", claiming to have confidence in the United States, "Cooperation Taiwan" In terms of managing the illusion of the description of the continental dialogue, manufacture and shirk it to cause a complicated and severe and severe responsibility of the Taiwan Sea, attempt to mislead the people of Taiwan and deceive the international community.

The Ministry of Public Advanced Party is stepping up with external power to continuously performing "unique" provocation. It is the root cause of cross-strait relations. It is a serious threat of Taiwan’s peace and stability. If it is obsessed with unliked, it will only push Taiwan compatriots to the disaster abyss.

  Expertists said that Taiwan is part of China.

Since 1949, although the two sides of the strait have not been fully unified, the facts of the mainland and Taiwan’s association have never changed, and the completeness of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity will never allow segmentation.

"Taiwan independence" is a unlike road.

Whether the DPP is in any way, any name, through any means to seek "independence", trying to change Taiwan is a fact that China is part of China. It is impossible to succeed.

"Taiwan independence" molecular dictionnce forgets the ancestors, betray the motherland, splits the country, is destined to have a good end, will be subject to the discovery and history of the people.

For "Taiwan independence" stubborn molecules, the mainland will be severely punished according to law, and lifelong is lifted.

More than 70 years, although cross-strait relations have been twists and turns, they always move towards unity. The development advancement of the motherland mainland is a key factor in determining the relationship between cross-strait. When solving the Taiwan problem, it has always advocated the strength of the country’s unity, and the main power of the main power has always mastered this side of the motherland.

Taiwan issues will arise from national weak disorders, which will end with national rejuvenation. This is historical controversy, and it is also a historical.

  Expert scholars appeal to the Taiwan compatriots are a molecule of the Chinese nation. It is the important force to develop cross-strait relations. It is important to promote the unity of the motherland. It should be in the same side of history. With the mainland compatriots, I have a strong state, and I have my sense of responsibility. Resolutely oppose and curb "Taiwan independence", enhance the ambitions of Chinese people, bones, and find a full unity of the motherland, the great revival of the nation.

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