The capital youth welcomes the winter, the 100-day ice and snow carnival is held in Beijing.

Recently, "Capital University Winter Olympics, Winter Disabled Volunteers" and 100-day Snow Carnival "event held in Beijing Sport University in Beijing Sports University, and colleges and universities participated in the event online. The event was jointly hosted by the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee.

Xia Linmao, secretary of the Beijing Standing Committee, Education Work Committee, Municipal Operational Guarantee Command Human Resources and Volunteers Working Group, in the swearing meeting, high praise and affirmed the work of the volunteer, and encouraged volunteers Service Winter Olympics contribute youth. Xia Linmao gauge volunteers, one is to grasp the opportunity, experience yourself, provide high quality services for the Winter Olympics; the second is to promote the spirit, show the style, continue to polish the capital volunteer service "gold medal"; three is to work and rest , Obey the rules, with self-help of peace.

After the championship meeting, the capital youth welcomed the Winter Olympics.

The Secretary of the Party Committee of the Beijing Sport University, the president Cao Weidong

He said that the Beijing Winter Olympics is a major landmark activity in my country’s important historical nodes, which is significant, and the mission is glorious.

I hope that through the concert of the ice and snow carnival, he will drive college students to go to ice and snow, and drive the capital youth on the ice, driving "300 million people on the ice and snow", welcome the smooth convening of Beijing Winter Olympics with high spirits, and contribute to the success of Winter Olympics Youth power.

Zhong cotton wool, deputy secretary of the group municipal party committee, introduced the "Qinglai Winter Olympics" brand activity.

The International Snow Federation and the Winter Olympic Project International Sports Association President Yau Ferriani, the Chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, Yang Yang, etc., the chairman of the Committee, Yang Yang, etc., sent a blessing to this event in the form of a video.

It is reported that in recent years, Beijing Sports University has implemented an important indication of Beijing Winter Olympics, fully implement the "four office Olympics" concept, gidding "simple, safe, wonderful" game requirements, and carry forward "mission, struggle My "spirit, put the service national strategy, participate in the great practice as the mission, in the winter Olympics, the science and technology assistance, volunteer service, training facilities, international academic exchanges, thinking and political preaching, various professional technical personnel training, winter The popularity of the Austrian project and the protection of Winterao Heritage protection are comprehensive in the fields, with a strong sense of political responsibility and historical mission, high-quality completion of the Winter Olympics and organizes the work. (Responsible: Lin Yu (intern), Qinhua) Share let more people see.