Taiyuan police cracked a series of stealing cables involved for more than 220,000 yuan

People’s Network Taiyuan November 18th (Zhu Ziyang) learned from the Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau General Reform Branch On October 26th, the General Reform Branch received a police alarm in the jurisdiction, and the cable on a new teaching building in a school in Shanxi Province has repeatedly theft. After receiving the report, the General Reform Branch immediately established a task force composed of the Tang Ming Police Station, Command Operation Center, and Netan Brigade.

During the depth investigation, video tracking and judgment, a Wuling glory base entered the police’s sight. According to the clues, the project police finally identified the suspect’s identity information and the personnel structure of criminal gangs, and immediately launched the network. On November 1, the police arrested the suspects suspected of stealing sin, Wang, and Zang and Qi Fuwang Lu cry. After investigation, from September to October 26th, the suspect Du Moupeng, Wang Sou, Li Mouyu three people, late night sneaked into a new teaching building in Shanxi Province transitional reform demonstration zone. Theft. The criminal suspect is still recycling after knowing the collection of theft for theft of theft. The aft gang has a total of 7 new wires, more than 10 new electric wires that have not opened, more than 1200 meters, worth 220,000 yuan. At present, the criminal suspect Du Mou, Wang Mou is suspected of stealing sin, a crystal is suspected of concealing, concealing crime income, criminal income is criminally detained by the police; the suspect Li Mouyu is escaping, the police is arrested The case is under further investigation.

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