Snow Mountain, Lishan, eat "the taste of home"

Original title: Snow Mountain Lonely, eat "the taste of home" Daxing’anling Snow Mountain depth, Shenyang Lianqin Safeguards a warehouse Hongliu whistle. The New Year’s Eve, 4 soldiers adhere to the Red Willup. The duty room screen is flashing, the warrior Zhao Shuyang fully stared at the monitoring screen.

Zhao Xiaohai, the warrior Pan Zhihao, the patrol is coming back, the deputy squad leader Wang Yanjun is preparing to prepare for the New Year’s Eve.

  "Prepare a New Year’s Eve?" Dial the video call, the reporter asked Wang Yanjun.

  The lens is aligned with the stove, Wang Yanjun said: "You are, all the taste of the ‘home"! "The hot" sour vegetables and white meat "will come out, and a bowl of peeled water is placed on the stove. Put the chopped green onion ginger, dried pepper sections. "I will give you a hand."

"I saw Wang Yanjun poured into edible oil in the pan, fired in the fire, put the pepper, octagon, etc., etc., add the chicken, salt, and then stir fry, after the color of the chicken is uniform, add appropriate amount Slow water, cover the pot, small fire.

  Wang Yanjun told reporters that in order to let officers who stick to the front line, Wang Yan has a warm year, on the eve of the Spring Festival, the warehouse leaders specially investigate the official and holiday catering security situation, send a car to the urban purchases of the city, to ensure that the officials can eat "the taste of the family" ".

  "Not long ago, we have a big snow here, and the superior is everything possible to send the new year.

Wang Yanjun, who worked in the hotel before entering, is a "big kitchen" recognized by the post.

He said: "The superior cares warmly, I must put this table, let the comrades eat the taste of the family ‘." Subsequently, Wang Yanjun unveiled the stewed chili, put it in advance, garlic, Coriander, juice. The hot steaming chicken end dining table, tasty taste is coming over the screen. At this point, Zhao Xiahai, who is going out, Zhao Xiahai, the warrior Pan Zhihao returns to the post.

  "This hot chicken is good."

"Pan Zhihao has tasted a piece of chicken," The craftsman of the deputy squad! " The hot chicken of our hometown is this taste. "Four dishes and one soup, plus a large market dumplings." The dinner of the post is the same as the taste of the home.

Please rest assured! "Zhao Xiahai said. (Wang Xuechao) (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Yan Yan) Sharing let more people see.