Taiyuan City Jinyuan District enhances cloud service level

  Since 2021, the Jinyuan District Cultural Center in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province actively built a public cultural digital service platform, and puts the service, group activities, non-legacy protection, etc., and continuously improves digital service level and performance.At present, the total number of digital resources in the cultural museum in Jinyuan District has already had 871, and 892 users are involved in users, 792 registered users, and the total number of platforms reached 70,388.It is understood that the Jinyuan District Cultural Museum accelerates the construction of digital standardization and high-quality development of public cultural platforms, and expands the registration of booking venues and art training to the online appointment; at the same time, carry out the "Happy New Year · New JourneyOur Little Way Life, the theme of rural good materials, traditional ruthenium warm heart activities, tourist attractions, annual photography exhibitions, etc. special event network broadcast; shooting features boutique cloud courses, group activities network live; regularlyDigital exhibitions, daily update cultural exciting information, etc., further improve the convenience of the public to participate in cultural activities.