Sichuan Yuxian: "Director of True Village" empowering rural village

In recent years, Sichuan City, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, Taiqixian Town has adhered to the people to return to the starting point, vigorously implement the "引 归 归 巢" action, and strive to return the outstanding migrant workers to return home, and choose the director of Trim Village, to help Country revitalization gathers talents and provides talent support. The homestrian entrepreneurial returning person has a new identity in the vines of the Town Zhang Ju Village, and Chen Yunlian, who has returned home to start a business, is working hard in the field. His another heavy identity is the first "Director of Town Village" in Zhang Ju Village, Town. Before the 2020, Zhangzhou City launched the "Director of the Special Village" pilot work, the Town has been trying to first try, actively explore the "Director of Honor", and have been selected to be 20 "Director of Honor Village" in the town. Focus on solving the shortcomings of rural rejuvenation, the industrial development is slow, and there is no income of the village collective economy. In order to effectively return to the outstanding talents to return home, help the revitalization of the country, the Town of Taiqogi has set up the migrant service center, and the coordination of the town is serving the service, and the Village (community) party organization establishes talent service station, forming "town + + Village "common service management in the work mechanism of outsiders. At the same time, each village (community) established "1 + 1" "1 + N" knot on the contact tracking service mechanism, regularly retrieving the entrepreneurial policy to foreign excellent talents, helping to coordinate the practical difficulties, and realize the full collection of foreign talent dynamic information, return Township intentions know all, difficult problems, all the entrepreneurship policies are clear.

In addition, the Town of Town has built the "Successful People’s Symposium" "Township Association" and other platforms, and actively jointly endorsed the feelings of outsiders, preaching the return of entrepreneurship policies, and actively guiding people from the country to the country. With the way of "Director of Trunk", "Honor", "Honor", supports them to guide them to develop and compile their hometown, contribute to strength. The Director of the Trunk Village does not account for the number of the "two committees" team, do not receive the payment, but the village level governance, industrial development, service masses, etc. will participate in the development of the village industry, and the village level governance. "Most of the experience of the village of Village have experience in work, they think is active, the thinking of thinking, experienced, can effectively make up for the reform and innovation of village cadres, the village-level development governance thinking is not open," Taiqogu Town leaders Say. The green butterfly has become a new industrial Yangchun in March, walking into the Zaudun Fuji Pioni Garden, a vine tree puts a ridiculous hillside into green.

In the Town, Zhang Ju Village in the village industry, actively guided the "Director of True Village", returning to talents, technical personnel, etc., driving the villagers to develop industries.

Through the demonstration leadership of Chen Yunlian, the demonstration of Chen Yunlian, the village has started more than 800 acres of the vine pepper industry in 2016, and took the lead in establishing the "Juji Garden Family Farm". In 2020, Chen Yunlian’s family farm has been rated as county and municipal demonstration.

"As a member of the entrepreneurial in Zhang Ju Village, the town and village have also hired that I also hired me for the director of the Village, this identity is both honors, and the trust in the village, can be Hometown, the village is doing something to do, and I am very happy.

"Chen Yunlian said. In the development of the vine garden, Chen Yunlian also prioritized more than 200 villagers around the vines and participated in the management of vine garden, driving the villagers to get rich, and the villagers can add 3,000 yuan / year.

"Chen Yunlian returned to the country to develop the vine pepper industry, optimized the industrial structure of Zhang Ju Village, so that Zhang Ju Village has a new industry. At the same time, the vine garden guides the villagers to realize the business workers, which addresses the employment, and promotes it. The villagers increased the foundation for promoting the revitalization of our village industry.

Xiao Zhiyong, the General Secretary of Zhang Ju Village, Town, Taiqogu Town, said. In addition, Zhang Ju Village is also actively letting the "Director of Temple Village", agricultural technology talents, etc., to participate in the development plan of the village-level industrial development, by playing their resources advantages, Enrich experience, gathering together, co-condense, promoting the power of promoting the development of rural industries.

"My village is working with the village of the ancient Buddha in Zhaoyi Town to form a rural tourism plan, the next step, will continue to build the ‘Shiguangyuan’ rural tourism through the back of talents." Xiao Zhiyong said.

Driving a rich collective economy has a new vitality of the village, the director of the Village, is both the honorary director, and it is also getting rich. During the development of the industry, Chen Yunlian took the initiative to establish interest joint mechanisms with village collective economic companies, land circulation villagers. In the policy, projects were discharged from the village collective companies, and the villagers were transferred by the villagers to share the stock, village Collective companies and villagers are divided into points per year.

Relying on the village collective company, through the "Policy +" model and the industrial development of the Director of the Trunk, the "Village Collective Company + Caida Industrial Park + Villagers" has been combined with the multi-fusion and interest development model. "We put policies, projects, etc., we invest policies, projects, etc. Spring water.

"Xiao Zhiyong said. At present, Zhang Ju Village is 400,000 yuan through road infrastructure and other projects, and the village collective is divided into the shareholders. It is expected that the annual operation is more than 40 million yuan." This improved the rattail pepper The industrial park road infrastructure has realized the village collective economic company and villagers into the shares, and it also mitigated the pressure of their own investment, reaching the effect of three. "Chen Yunlian said." Through the way of integration with the stock industry through the project policy, the situation in the village’s "there is a project unmanned" is solved. At the same time, it also solves the development of excellent returning talents’ entrepreneurship ‘, but there is no project’ dilemma, realized Mutual benefit and win-win, integrate development. "The Director of the Town Rural Zhenxing Office said.

The "four-step" four-step laws, "four-step", "four-step", "four-step", "four-step", which brought the "four steps" of the "four-step, supporting, and use" "four-step", "four steps", who returned to the development – special director – promoting the development of talents – supporting the development – the "four-step", which brought the outstanding returning talents returning to the hometown. Give full play to the role of outstanding returnees, in order to promote the development of village collective economic industries. Through the development of the village industry, the Director of the special village has stimulated the development of the village collective industry, driving more villagers to achieve near employment, and laid a solid foundation for the promotion of the village collective economy, promoting rural industries. (Li Qingbo Luo Xiao) (Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.