The relationship between the two disciplines and keywords is ()

Answer parsing reference answer: a Resolution: The knowledge points examined in this question are the relationship between two point and key theory.

During the process of people’s understanding and solving contradictions, the dialectics stressed the dialectical unity of two-point discipline and key discipline. The so-called two-point discussion refers to the study of the main contradictions, and studying non-main contradictions in studying the development of complex things; when studying any contradiction, It is necessary to study the main aspects of contradictions, but also to study contradictory non-main aspects. Opposing only one aspect, negative the shape of the contradictions and the above level. The key discussion of the dialectics refers to the main contradictions of studying it in the development of complex things; when studying any contradiction, focusing on its main aspects, opposition Do not divide the master, the average epistemology of the form of the form. Two-point theory and key disciplines of materialistic dialectics are dialectical relationships with interconnection and organic unity.

On the one hand, the two points are not equal to the focus, the focus is not two; on the other hand, there is two points in the two points, and the focus is included. The two strategies of the dialectics have a focus, the imbalance of the development of things, the main aspects of the contradictions and contradictions in the development of contradictions; . There are no contradictions, and there is no main aspects and focus of contradictions. The focus of the dialectics is to comply with the two points in the focus on the two-point theory. The correct answer to this question is A option. Published: 2014-08-3008: 43: 19 Previous: Next question:.